You get 0.5% cashback. Your invitees get 0% transaction fee.

Choose a partner name and get 0.5% cashback for every sale made by your invited users during 1 month. Your invited users will receive a discount code sent to them via messages after logging in.

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How the affiliate offering works

Benefits of the partnership:

Get started and create a partner invitation link in 10 seconds.

Get 0.5% cashback on every sale your invited friends make during 1 month.

Track your statistics in real-time and withdraw your money or buy skins with your wallet anytime.


Follow invitations and your cashback in real-time.

On the partner side, you can track your invitations, cashback, and other information in (almost) real-time. You can use the cashback to purchase something on the platform or transfer it directly to your bank account. Any withdrawal fees, which may vary by country, are minimal. No funny business!

Become a partner

It's that simple.

Watch our Youtube video to see how easy it is to get started and begin inviting friends.


Used by many influencers.

Our partnership system is used by many and is probably one of the most profitable in the industry. If you publish on Instagram, Facebook and/or Twitch, tag us with #csmiddler! Here next to you can see Henrik Westman using our partnership system.

Become a partner

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