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Sir Bloody Silent Darryl | The Professionals

Agent - Sir Bloody Silent Darryl | The Professionals

Sir Bloody Silent Darryl | The Professionals

14,94 € -20%

The leader of 'The Professionals' can be described as cocky, wisecracking, and scarily indifferent with regards to the suffering of others. He would say he's just a bloke—a bloke that likes to have a bit of fun on the weekend with the local armed tax collectors. He downplays the severity of any heavy situations that come his way, even if he's the last man standing, riddled with bullets, with only seconds left to blow the safe. This 'Vow of Silence' mask was Darryl's response to organizational complaints about his logorrhea. ...

Exterior N/A
Float 0
Rarity Master
Fade N/A%
Phase N/A
Paint seed 0
Paint Index 0
Origin Quest Reward
Listed 2024-04-06 17:17:06
Full name Sir Bloody Silent Darryl | The Professionals
Listing ID 3df7c8ae-2b26-4017-93f2-2470369b5d76
Buff163 price 18.67 €
Steam price 26.35 €

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